Our Operations

For the most part our operations consist of contracted air services using Helicopters and Fixed Wing aircraft, specifically designed to meet the specific needs of each customer.  

ACS/BalmOral are in the highly unique position of being able to supply Mi8-MTV’s operated on BalmOral’s South African Part 127 certification, and are one of the very few companies who are able to operate these helicopters on the AOC of a western “Category 1” country.  Historically this has occurred mainly in the trouble spots of the world. These include Afghanistan, Angola, China, DRC, Georgia, Italy, Kenya, Kosovo, Mozambique, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, South Africa, Sudan, USA, Zimbabwe, and Libya.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s we pioneered (and were world leaders in) the introduction of helicopters into harbours as “pilots boats” taking harbour-pilots out to ships entering port and off ships leaving port in what has become known as Harbour Pilot Shuttle (HPS) operations. Historically our customers have included USAID, UN, UNDP, UN WFP, UNHAS, ASF, MSF, The Australian Government, The European Union, The German Government, Fedex, DHL, Sun Couriers plus a number of Commercial Customers.

Our strength lies in our vast experience of operating aircraft in the harshest and often remotest locations in the world and doing it safely and economically. Many of our contracts have been for multiple aircraft.

Most recently we have had a very significant operation in Afghanistan which at its peak consisted of thirty aircraft.  

ACS/Balmoral is in the unique position of being able to introduce, operate and manage practically any aircraft or combination of aircraft in any country in the world.

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